by Jonathan Vold

Sunday, November 20

Beside Still Waters

A Restatement of Psalm 23

The person of God
     is a shepherd, my shepherd,
     who assures I will have
     all that I need,

A place to rest
     and be refreshed
     in the greenest pastures
     beside the stillest waters,
A path to follow
     to righteousness
     in the name of the one
     who leads me,
A prayer to say
     as I walk through the shadows
     that I may never feel afraid,
     even in the face of my enemies,

A presence here
     to comfort me
     with your shepherd’s staff
     and the strength of your stand.

You prepare for me
     a banquet feast;
     you pour fragrant oils all over me
     and fill my cup to its capacity

And you promise me
     your grace to follow me everywhere,
     your loving mercy until the day I die
     and your place, a place for me to live forever.

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